Workshops on gender-based violence and labor disputes in Garment Sector

In cooperation with the General Trade Union of Workers in Textile, Garment, and Clothing Industries, the International Federation of Industries organized a workshop on garment sector. Thirty-one male and female workers including board and union committees' members participated in the workshop.

In addition, the International Federation of the Industries organized another workshop, in cooperation with the Union, on gender-based violence at work sites. Representatives of the Union, and Electricity, Mines and Petrol Unions participate in the workshop.

Facets of violence against working women, such as verbal insults or sexual harassment, have been referred to, in addition to employment for lower than minimum wage and for long working hours without paying overtime. Other facets of violence are depriving female workers from days off, official holidays, leaves and non inclusion in social security schemes.

In addition, the Federal Bureau for Mediation and Conciliation Services and ILO Better Work Jordan, in cooperation with the Union, Ministry of Labor, the employers and civil society organizations organized a workshop on labor disputes. The organizers considered textile sector in Jordan a success story, and called for benefiting from it and be replicated in other sectors in the Kingdom.

Migrant and local workers attended the workshop that covered successes of the Textile and Garment Sector and the agreements concluded.

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