The Union meets with union committees to explain the new Sectoral CBA

The Trade Union, in cooperation with BWJ and factories’ management, had organized several meetings with union committees.

The meetings conducted in Irbid QIZ, Addulail QIZ and Sahab QIZ and attended by workers of different nationalities, clarified articles of the sectoral collective bargain agreement recently signed.

They also discussed measures on how to inform workers of its items at all factories.

Capacity Building Training

In cooperation with the International Federation of Industries, the General Trade Union of Workers in Textile, Garment, and Clothing Industries (the Union) organized three capacity building training workshops for union committees members in Irbid qualified industrial zone.
The Union President, Mr. Fathallah Al-Omrani inaugurated the workshops. He stressed the importance of such training workshops which increases the labor culture and introduces participants with knowledge on various labor-related information to include collective bargains and agreements issues.
During the workshops, the participants learned on the challenges the employees face at factories and dorms, and discussed probable solutions. They also discussed the Union’s role in protecting employees and their rights, the employees’ role towards the Union. In addition, the participants were updated of the special textile sector agreement, ways to activate work and role of the Union’s committees in factories and dorms. They were urged to maintain communication with the committees.