The Union supervises election of six union committees

The General Union for Textile and Garment Sector Workers supervised election of six union committees of various companies through coordination and cooperation with companies' administration.

The election process was completed in a democratic and competitive atmosphere. Workers of textile and clothes companies of Century, Milky Way, Century Miracle, Continuity, Standard, and Classic participated in the elections.

 The winning committees consist of workers of Jordanian, Syrian, Bengali, Sri Lankan, Indian, Nepali, Burmese, Chinese, and Madagascar nationalities.

Later, the Union conducted regular meetings with the winning committees to educate them of their functions and duties and hear the requests of workers.    

The Union President Mr. Fatthallah Al-Omrani said that the union committees are the connecting link between the Union and workers from one side, and the Union and Companies' Administrations from the other side. He stressed the need that the elected committees perform their role and communicate with workers to inform them of their rights.

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