The Union signs three collective and health agreements

 The General Trade Union of Workers in Textile, Garment, and Clothing Industries (The Union) had signed three collective agreements and one health agreement with Companies of Tuskar, Aseel, and Pine Tree. In addition, a health agreement was signed with Classic Company.

The agreements state that the companies shall comply with minimum wage according to the agreement signed by the tripartite representatives and published at the Official Gazette. The agreements stipulate provision of a clinic and a doctor at the workplace, transfer to a specialized doctor at the cost of the company, and provision of appropriate accommodation, food, and drinking water to migrant workers.

In addition, the agreements state that no salary deductions are made other than penalties list, and a work strategy shall be developed to increase and rehabilitate local labor force. The companies shall provide free transportation to and from work site, appropriate work environment in line with international standards (concerning ventilation, sanitation, cafeteria, public safety at factory, family atmosphere, and others). Opportunities shall be availed for election of trade union committees that represent all factory members to create a democratic atmosphere of mutual respect, as well as cooperation with the Union to educate workers through conduct of continuous seminars, lectures, and workshops. Furthermore, annual events and celebrations of official and national occasions for all nationalities, respect of religions, traditions, and customs shall be maintained.

The Health Agreement signed between the Union and Classic Company stated that the Union's clinics shall provide medical and health services to workers of company in El-Hasan Industrial City as follows: Workers receive medical care at the Company's clinic (branch no. 7) for follow-up of daily cases and periodic tests except specialized, laboratory and radiological tests. The working hours of the doctor shall be six from 8:00 am until 2:30 pm with half an hour break time. Initial medical service and clinical check-ups are provided to workers using accredited forms at the clinic. Medical reports concerning sick leaves are issued according to article 65 of Labor Law.

Moreover, the agreement stated the company shall provide appropriate place, equipment, medicine, and necessary medical supplies.

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