The Union signs MOU with Nepalese Trade Unions General Federation

The General Trade Union of Workers in Textile, Garment, and Apparel Industries (The Union) had signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with officials of the General Federation of Nepalese Trade Unions for the purpose of enhancing and protection of migrant workers in Jordan. The MOU was signed on behalf of the Union by President Mr. Fathalla Omrani, and by Mr. Hari Datta Joshi, the Vice President on behalf of the General Federation.

The MOU was concluded to assist in addressing challenges the Nepalese workers working in the Kingdom, in particular in textile sector face. Many Nepalese workers have been recruited via workers' recruitment agencies that tend occasionally to abuse workers by changing work contracts, and imposing high fees on recruitment service. Workers in several situations complain lack of protection in both countries of origin and destination as well as acquiring enough knowledge of their rights and duties as set by law.

To acknowledge efforts exerted by different stakeholders, and being responsible for the interests of their members in both countries, the two parties; the General Trade Union of Workers in Textile, Garment, and Apparel Industries in Jordan and the General Federation of Nepalese Trade Unions commit to protect and enhance rights of the migrant workers.

The MOU stressed the importance of international agreements and instruments to protect basic rights of migrant workers and their families in particular in process of fair recruitment, and to increase cooperation among both governments of Jordan and Nepal to take necessary legal measures to stop all types of abuse of migrant workers and minimize human trafficking. The MOU urges both governments to conclude bilateral agreements based on international standard rights as stated by ILO conventions. The MOU indicated rights and obligations of both parties for the benefit of workers in both countries.

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