The Union signs a collective agreement on salary increase for local and migrant workers

The General Trade Union of Workers in Textile, Garment & Clothing Industries (the Union), J-GATE, and the General Union for Garment Factories Owners signed a collective sectoral work agreement for monthly salary increase for local workers of JDs 15 as of 1 March 2017 and another JDs 15 as of 1 March 2018. Furthermore, the agreement stated monthly salary increase for migrant workers of JDs 7.5 cash, and JDs 7.5 in kind. The basic monthly salary of worker becomes JDs 117.5 instead of JDs 110 along with additional food allowance of JDs 7.5; total food allowance becomes JDs 87.5 per month for 2017. Next year, minimum wage shall be JDs 125 and JDs 95 for food allowance. Thus, migrant workers become equal with local workers in rights and duties with no discrimination.

This collective agreement followed a government decision recently to increase minimum wage to JDs 220. The decision targeted local works only, which the Union rejected and considered biased and discriminatory against migrant workers. The Union intervened in very exhausting and arduous negotiations with all parties including the Government. The aim was to reach an agreement that treats all workers equal, in accordance with international human rights agreements that Jordan ratified, and fair wage rights convention for migrant workers, as well as US – Jordan Free Trade Agreement clauses.

The collective agreement was signed by Mr. Fathallah Al-Omrani on behalf of the Union, Mr. Mahmoud Al-Hijjawi on behalf of the Garment Owners' Union, and Mr. Husam Saleh on behalf of J-GATE.

Ministry of Labor Secretary General Mr. Farouk Al-Hadidi and Labor Relations Director Mr. Adnan Al-Dahamsheh attended the agreement signing ceremony. The agreement was deposited at the Ministry of Labor, and published in the Official Gazette.

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