The Union signs 12 collective agreements

The General Union for Textile and Garment Sector Workers (the Union) signed 12 collective agreements with the following companies: The Third Dimension, Advanced Technology, Standard for jeans industry, Advanced Regional Company, The Concept, Soft Clothes, Practical Fashion, Mustafa and Kamal, and the United for Creativity.

The Agreements contained clauses to commit to pay minimum wage as stated in the agreement signed by the Union and representatives of the Employers and Ministry of Labor and was published in the Official Gazette. The Collective agreements included also clauses that employers shall provide a clinic with a doctor at the work site, appropriate accommodation, food and drinking water for migrant workers.

Furthermore, the agreements included a condition that employers shall not deduct any amount of the salary beyond list of punishments. In addition, employers shall develop a strategy and an action plan to increase number of local workers, qualify them, provide them with transportation means on the cost of employers.

The companies shall provide appropriate work environment in accordance with international standards concerning ventilation, toilets, cafeteria, general safety at factory, family atmosphere and others. 

In addition, the agreements included election of union committees that represent all factory workers to create a democratic sphere based on mutual respect, cooperate with the Union to educate workers through lectures and training workshops, annual activities and celebration of religious and national holidays of all nationalities, and respect of religions, customs and traditions.
On the other hand, Health Agreements included clauses to ensure that Union's clinics shall provide medical services to workers as follows: 

Conduct periodic medical test in accordance with Medical Care Regulations number 42 for 1998 and instructions issued herewith charging minimum fees set by the Ministry of Health, inform employers in writing on any profession disease or suspect risk, provide primary medical service and clinic testing for workers at clinic site using approved standard forms, and issue sick leave in accordance with article 65 of the Labor Law being authorized for that.

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