The Union signed fourteen labor and health agreements to benefit thousands of workers

The General Trade Union of Workers in Textile Garment & Clothing Industries (the Union) signed fourteen labor and health agreements. Thousands of workers of the factories benefitted from those agreements. IMG_1116

In addition, the Union signed eight collective agreements with Casual Wear Apparel, Al Safi Co., Apparel Concepts, Pine Tree, Hi Teck, Fine Apparel, Atateks Foreign Trade and Needle Craft companies.

All agreements stated that employers agree to adhere to pay minimum wage based on the sectoral agreement signed between the Union and representatives of employers and the Ministry of Labor and published at the Official Gazette. The employers shall also adhere to provide a medical clinic and a doctor at the workplace, and provide appropriate accommodation, food and water for foreign workers. The employers shall not deduct any amount of the salary beyond the list of penalties.

Furthermore, the agreements included election of union committees representing all workers at the factory, and creation of an atmosphere of democracy and mutual respect as well as cooperation with the Union concerning workers' education through holding seminars, lectures and workshops and JD 0.5 monthly due to be paid to the Union in accordance with the sectoral agreement published in the Official Gazette on 31 Dec. 2014. Validity of the agreements starts on 1 Jan. 2016.Picture 280

In addition, the Union signed six agreements on health issues with Casual Wear Apparel, Standard Jeans Apparel, Third Dimension Apparel, Apparel Concepts, Fine Apparel and Hi Tech Textile companies.

The agreements stated that the general medical clinics of the Union shall offer medical services to the companies to include periodic physical check in accordance with provisions of Medical Care Bylaw no. 42 for 1998, and issue medical reports that authorize sick leave for workers. The company shall provide suitable place, necessary medical equipment, needs and medications required for the approved doctor by the second party at the premises of the first party.

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