The Union holds workshops, one of them with participation of its Palestinian counterpart

The Union conducted four training workshops in different topics; one of them with participation of Palestinian Textile Workers Union. 

The aim of the workshops was to raise awareness on labor rights for migrant workers in industrial zones.
The workshops also explained the legal guarantees stipulated in the Jordanian Labor Law to protect migrant workers of all nationalities in the industrial zones, specifically with respect to issuing a work permit within the specified timeframe at the expense of employer, which is considered a key reason for turning migrant workers into illegal workforce.

The workshops focused on clarifying the right of workers to obtain an appropriate remuneration for overtime, legal assistance, and be informed of occupational health and safety.

The workshops were inaugurated by the Union president, Fathallah Al-Omrani, who highlighted on the successes achieved recently through concluding sectoral agreements.

He also highlighted the positive sides of workshops for the sector which have been implemented with support of friendly organizations such as Friedrich Ebert Foundation as well as the Japanese Federation of Industries (UAZENSEN).

The workshop, which was held with participation of the Palestinian Textile and Apparel Union under the auspices of Japanese Federation of Industries (UAZENSEN), had discussed the international labor standards as well as Jordanian and Palestinian experiences. The union tends to hold this workshop on annual basis.

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