Al Omrani elected a Union president for a new term

Union elections for 2016 – 2021 term with participation of 5433 workers

In a democratic atmosphere, under the supervision of the Election Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions, and with participation of 5433 workers out of 6526 workers who were entitled to vote, elections  were conducted to elect Union board members for 2016 -2021 term. 

The workers participated heavily and voted freely in a democratic process, where the elections have been done smoothly and without harassment.

The elections witnessed a competition between 15 candidates to compete for nine seats of the administrative committee. The following members’ names have won the election:

Mr. Fathallah Al-Omrani obtained 4,479 votes

Ms. Sana’ Mohammad Khalil obtained 3,183 votes

Mr. Samih Hussein obtained 3,173 votes

Ms. Eman Nasrallah obtained 3,142 votes

Ms. Jamilah Lafi obtained 3,141 votes

Ms. Eman Al-Koufahi obtained 3,132 votes

Ms. Naifeh Al-Refa’i obtained 3,075 votes

Ms. Maysoon Hdaib obtained 2,960 votes, and

Ms. Naifeh Salman obtained 2,687 votes

The new board members held the first meeting in which they filled the administrative positions by electing Mr. Fathallah Al-Omrani as president of the Union, Jamilah Lafi as secretary, and Samih Hussein as treasurer.

The Board had praised the participation of members in the elections, considering this great participation and voting in a democratic atmosphere is a success and reflects the confidence of workers in the Union. The Board also assured that it will work hard to continue defending interests of workers at all work sites.

The General Trade Union of Workers in Textile Garment & Clothing Industries – Jordan
Elections Results
Elections took place September 10th, 2015
  # Name Tajamuaat Dulail Irbid Total  
  1 Fatahalla Emrani 777 2293 1409 4479  
  2 Sanaa' Khalil 621 2015 546 3182  
  3 Sameeh Hussein 663 1983 527 3173  
  4 Iman Nasrallah 645 1948 549 3142  
  5 Jamelah Lafi 656 1969 516 3141  
  6 Hanan Kufahi 590 1836 706 3132  
  7 Nayfeh Refae' 585 1830 660 3075  
  8 Maysoun Hudeib 577 1811 572 2960  
  9 Nayfeh Sulaiman 600 1856 231 2687  
    Number of Jordanian Union Members 6526      
    Number of Voters 5433      
    Percentage of voting 83.25%      

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