Workers Statistics

Total number of workers in garment sector-Jordan إجمالي عدد عمال الغزل والنسيج والألبسة في الاردن موزعة حسب المناطق للفترة   (2016/6/30 – 2016/1/1)            Jordanians  الاردنيين Migrants الوافدين    Male ذكور Female إناث  Male ذكور Female إناث المجموع Sum التجمعات Sahab 593 1883 2803 3773 9052 الضليل Dulail 1000 3204 4253 11000 19457 الحسن Al Hassan ... Read More »

Report of 2011-2014

The General Trade union of Workers in Textile, Garment and Clothing Industries It is a well-established organization created by the workers to defend their interests. It an independent democratic voluntary organization aims to develop the privileges of its members, and increase and protect their rights. It was established in 1954. Union's Mission The Union seeks to achieve better life to ... Read More »

Our 2013 Report

One of the most significant actions that took place during the past year is signing a sectorial collective agreement covers all the workers Jordanians and Migrants of the national plants inside and outside the QIZs. This agreement included many benefits like the annual raise of 5 JDs as a minimum for all workers as well as providing a safe working ... Read More »