Closure of QIZ factories rings a bell and threatens local and migrant workers

Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZ) of Jordan host almost seventy factories and employ around seventy five thousand workers; fifty five thousand of them are migrant workers. QIZ spread in governorates of Amman, Zarka, Tafeeleh, Karak, Ajloun, Jarash and Jordan River Valley. Recently, few companies operating in those regions started to close and move to other countries such as Egypt and Ethiopia ... Read More »

The Union signs MOU with Nepalese Trade Unions General Federation

The General Trade Union of Workers in Textile, Garment, and Apparel Industries (The Union) had signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with officials of the General Federation of Nepalese Trade Unions for the purpose of enhancing and protection of migrant workers in Jordan. The MOU was signed on behalf of the Union by President Mr. Fathalla Omrani, and by Mr. Hari Datta Joshi, ... Read More »

The Union Board discusses defense of labor rights

The Board of the General Trade Union of Workers in Textile, Garment, and Clothing Industries had conducted a meeting at the Union's offices to discuss issues related to enforcement of sectoral, labor, and health agreements. A lengthy discussion was made to find optimal ways to access labours at all work sites. The Union President, Mr. Fathallah Al-Omrani informed the Board members on updates related ... Read More »

Fifty-Three union committees elected

The Union had supervised election of fifty three union committees at various work sites across the Kingdom in northern regions and Karak governorate, and ensured smooth election process and announcement of final results. Bengali, Indian, Srilankan, Nepalese, Burmese, Madagascar, Chinese, Pakistani, Syrian, Cambodian, and Jordanian workers participated and elected 454 union workers. Each union committee consists of 7 to 18 ... Read More »

The Union meets with ILO and Nepali Officials

The Union conducted a meeting with officials of ILO, the Nepal Workers Association, and the Nepal Union of Textile and Apparel. During the meeting, they were briefed on the role of the Union, in particular its role in agreeing with employers to conclude standard work contract, protect the rights of migrant workers, and improve their financial and living situations. As ... Read More »

The Union supervises election of six union committees

The General Union for Textile and Garment Sector Workers supervised election of six union committees of various companies through coordination and cooperation with companies' administration. The election process was completed in a democratic and competitive atmosphere. Workers of textile and clothes companies of Century, Milky Way, Century Miracle, Continuity, Standard, and Classic participated in the elections.  The winning committees consist ... Read More »

The Union signs three collective and health agreements

 The General Trade Union of Workers in Textile, Garment, and Clothing Industries (The Union) had signed three collective agreements and one health agreement with Companies of Tuskar, Aseel, and Pine Tree. In addition, a health agreement was signed with Classic Company. The agreements state that the companies shall comply with minimum wage according to the agreement signed by the tripartite representatives and published ... Read More »

The Union signs a collective agreement on salary increase for local and migrant workers

The General Trade Union of Workers in Textile, Garment & Clothing Industries (the Union), J-GATE, and the General Union for Garment Factories Owners signed a collective sectoral work agreement for monthly salary increase for local workers of JDs 15 as of 1 March 2017 and another JDs 15 as of 1 March 2018. Furthermore, the agreement stated monthly salary increase ... Read More »

The Union signs 12 collective agreements

The General Union for Textile and Garment Sector Workers (the Union) signed 12 collective agreements with the following companies: The Third Dimension, Advanced Technology, Standard for jeans industry, Advanced Regional Company, The Concept, Soft Clothes, Practical Fashion, Mustafa and Kamal, and the United for Creativity. The Agreements contained clauses to commit to pay minimum wage as stated in the agreement ... Read More »

Stakeholders sign milestone document to include Syrian refugees within Jordan’s workforce

Amman— Jordan’s Ministry of Labour, the main apparel employer associations and the country’s garment union agreed to modifications to the unified contract for migrant workers in Jordan’s garment sector in Amman on Thursday (21 April), allowing the inclusion of Syrian refugees in the Kingdom’s workforce. In the wake of February’s Supporting Syria and the Region conference in London, Jordan will ... Read More »