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With participation of hundreds of workers, the Union organizes six training workshops on various topics

The General Trade Union of Workers in Textile, Garment & Clothing Industries (the Union) organized six training workshops in Amman, Irbid, and At-Tajamu'at industrial zone on various topics. More than 120 female and male migrant workers (90 female workers) of different nationalities participated in the workshops. Subjects were capacity building, raising awareness of rights and duties, and collective sectoral agreements. ... Read More »

The Union signs a collective agreement on salary increase for local and migrant workers

The General Trade Union of Workers in Textile, Garment & Clothing Industries (the Union), J-GATE, and the General Union for Garment Factories Owners signed a collective sectoral work agreement for monthly salary increase for local workers of JDs 15 as of 1 March 2017 and another JDs 15 as of 1 March 2018. Furthermore, the agreement stated monthly salary increase ... Read More »

The Union signs 12 collective agreements

The General Union for Textile and Garment Sector Workers (the Union) signed 12 collective agreements with the following companies: The Third Dimension, Advanced Technology, Standard for jeans industry, Advanced Regional Company, The Concept, Soft Clothes, Practical Fashion, Mustafa and Kamal, and the United for Creativity. The Agreements contained clauses to commit to pay minimum wage as stated in the agreement ... Read More »

Workers Statistics

Total number of workers in garment sector-Jordan إجمالي عدد عمال الغزل والنسيج والألبسة في الاردن موزعة حسب المناطق للفترة   (2016/6/30 – 2016/1/1)            Jordanians  الاردنيين Migrants الوافدين    Male ذكور Female إناث  Male ذكور Female إناث المجموع Sum التجمعات Sahab 593 1883 2803 3773 9052 الضليل Dulail 1000 3204 4253 11000 19457 الحسن Al Hassan ... Read More »

Stakeholders sign milestone document to include Syrian refugees within Jordan’s workforce

Amman— Jordan’s Ministry of Labour, the main apparel employer associations and the country’s garment union agreed to modifications to the unified contract for migrant workers in Jordan’s garment sector in Amman on Thursday (21 April), allowing the inclusion of Syrian refugees in the Kingdom’s workforce. In the wake of February’s Supporting Syria and the Region conference in London, Jordan will ... Read More »

The Union signed fourteen labor and health agreements to benefit thousands of workers

The General Trade Union of Workers in Textile Garment & Clothing Industries (the Union) signed fourteen labor and health agreements. Thousands of workers of the factories benefitted from those agreements.  In addition, the Union signed eight collective agreements with Casual Wear Apparel, Al Safi Co., Apparel Concepts, Pine Tree, Hi Teck, Fine Apparel, Atateks Foreign Trade and Needle Craft companies. All agreements stated that employers ... Read More »

The Union holds workshops, one of them with participation of its Palestinian counterpart

The Union conducted four training workshops in different topics; one of them with participation of Palestinian Textile Workers Union.  The aim of the workshops was to raise awareness on labor rights for migrant workers in industrial zones. The workshops also explained the legal guarantees stipulated in the Jordanian Labor Law to protect migrant workers of all nationalities in the industrial ... Read More »

A national workshop entitled “Migrant Workers: Forgotten Rights”

The General Trade Union for workers in Textile, Garment and Clothing Industries had organised, in cooperation with ILO, a workshop at International Jerusalem Hotel during the period 7-9 Dec, 2015 entitled "Migrant Workers – Forgotten Rights". Forty female and male workers of five different nationalities; Sri Lankan, Bengali, Indian, Nepal and Pakistan participated. The workshop was inaugurated by the Union ... Read More »

Al Omrani elected a Union president for a new term

Union elections for 2016 – 2021 term with participation of 5433 workers In a democratic atmosphere, under the supervision of the Election Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions, and with participation of 5433 workers out of 6526 workers who were entitled to vote, elections  were conducted to elect Union board members for 2016 -2021 term.  The workers participated ... Read More »

Report of 2011-2014

The General Trade union of Workers in Textile, Garment and Clothing Industries It is a well-established organization created by the workers to defend their interests. It an independent democratic voluntary organization aims to develop the privileges of its members, and increase and protect their rights. It was established in 1954. Union's Mission The Union seeks to achieve better life to ... Read More »