A national workshop entitled “Migrant Workers: Forgotten Rights”

The General Trade Union for workers in Textile, Garment and Clothing Industries had organised, in cooperation with ILO, a workshop at International Jerusalem Hotel during the period 7-9 Dec, 2015 entitled "Migrant Workers – Forgotten Rights". Forty female and male workers of five different nationalities; Sri Lankan, Bengali, Indian, Nepal and Pakistan participated.ws11

The workshop was inaugurated by the Union President Fathallah Al Omrani, with the participation of International Labor Organisation (ILO) representative Nizam Qahoush. Al Omrani stressed in the opening speech the importance of conducting such workshops, to educate workers on their rights and legal texts.

Al Omrani emphasised the role of the Union in defending migrant workers in all fields; conducting workshops, claiming fair wage, suitable accommodation and other issues migrant workers of various nationalities face.

Al Omrani mentioned that the Union stresses the rights of migrant workers in all local, regional and international forums, and proposed substantial amendments on Jordanian Labor Law, basically to offer fairness to migrant workers. He added that the Union opened offices at the Qualified Industrial Zones to maintain close contact with workers and issues brochures in various languages to increase awareness of workers' rights and urge workers o access the Union in case of any violation.

Nizam Qahoush, ILO representative stated that conducting such workshops is part of the mandate of ILO to enhance the concept of dialogue between the migrant workers and the Union; their representative. He praised the role that the Trade Union played in this regard, in particular the direct and continuous communication with workers at workplaces.ws111

Representatives of ILO and Jordanian Ministry of Labor participated in the three-session workshop where topics of internationally acknowledged workers rights, migrant workers labor standards as well as relevant ILO conventions and standards on protection of rights of workers and their families were discussed.

The second session of the workshop focused on migrant workers in Jordan and their rights and Arab labor agreements on workers' movement in Arab countries.

The third session discussed civil and social rights of migrant workers in Jordan as stipulated in Jordanian legislations for non registered refugees and migrant workers.

At the end of the workshop, an extensive discussion occurred between lecturers and migrant workers on workshop topics; especially on rights and duties. 

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