The Union participates in webinar to discuss pandemic and Jordan’s share of global production

Among one of the conferences; participants from more than one hundred textile and garment trade unions attended the teleconference (webinar).

In a webinar, with participation of representatives of ILO, world producers, BWJ, textile industry employers in Jordan, and the General Trade Union of Workers in Textile, Garment and Clothing Industries discussed issues to recover negative impacts of Coronavirus pandemic on textile and garment workers and employers.

The Union stressed on how to protect rights of workers, maintain their livelihood, and not to reduce Jordan’s share of work by World Brands Owners.

Mr. Omrani, the Union’s President, stated the importance to discuss this topic and to enhance Jordan’s presence in global production map, and maintain its share of production.

The purpose of organization of this virtual conference was to investigate direct impacts of Coronavirus pandemic on workers in Jordan, look for long term solution to overcome negative impact of the pandemic, and find ways for family members adapt in this crisis. In addition, interests of employers and market challenges were discussed.

Among conference participants, the International Federation of Industries and participants of more than one hundred textile and garment trade unions attended the teleconference.