A New Sectoral Collective Bargain Agreement

Remarks of the Union’s President Fathallah Al-Omrani

With the help of all concerned parties, the General Trade Union of Workers in Textile, Garment and Clothing Industries (the Union) had successfully concluded a new sectoral Collective Bargain Agreement (the Agreement) along with Jordan Garments, Accessories & Textiles Exporters’ Association (JGATE), and the Association of Owners of Factories, Workshops and Garments (AOFWG). It is a good opportunity to commend all efforts that had resulted with signature of the Agreement that will serve entire Sector.

According to the Labor Law, the Union is tasked with improvement of labor conditions and relations, including conduct of collective bargaining and agreements. This Agreement is a way to continue progress of textile and clothes sector which aims to support Jordan economy and improve work conditions. The Agreement is also a step forward building on previous sectoral bargain agreement.

The Agreement is a result of outstanding cooperation between all parties; employers and employees, and reflects the positive atmosphere of the Sector. It led to positive stability of the relationship between parties and improvement of production concepts which will resolve amicably all disputes that may arise from time to time. We hope that all Agreement’s provisions will be fully implemented taking into consideration the mutual interests of all parties.

The Agreement shall be a model for other sectors. It is a way to manage any social dialogue process for solid industrial relationships whether on employers’ level or the Sector as a whole. It is a reflection of best practices that are in line with internationally acknowledged labor standards.

We, at the Union, seek always to establish, enhance and organize balanced relationships between investors and employees. It is our aim to create attractive work environment that leads to the welfare of workers and benefit of investors.

Therefore, at the time the Union calls the employers to implement the Agreement, it urges employees to work sincerely to maximize production and improve productivity to maintain and sustain investments.

Finally, as we congratulate all those concerned on the signing of the sectoral agreement which its enforcement started on 1 Nov. 2019 and will remain valid till 1 Nov. 2022, we commend the positive understanding by all parties as well as the role played by BWJ in bringing together the different viewpoints. We also thank all those who sought and contributed to achieve these results.