The Union participates in the Annual Brands Buyers’ Forum

Under the supervision of Better Work Jordan Program (BWJ) and with active participation of the Union Board, the Eleventh Annual Brands Buyers and Stakeholders Forum held in Amman. BWJ is keen and fully aware of bringing together all stakeholders to meet, share ideas and opinions and find solutions for the challenges which employees, the Union, investors and brands’ owners face. The Forum plays a major role in sustainability of textile sector.

The Forum discussed issues of welfare and psychiatric health of textile employees. This issue had appeared during the past years as a result of change of work organization, request for production increase. At the meeting, the Forum discussed offering employees required welfare which will reflect positively on their health.

In another meeting session, work environment at the Jordanian textile sector was discussed. The partnership between stakeholders is the key for continuity of positive change. It was noted that the textile sector constitutes 25% of total national exports. Further, the attendees discussed enhancing cooperation between governments, employers, trade unions and brands owners to have more impact and sustainability for all.

In a special session, the employment challenge in Jordan was discussed, as the labor market started facing many complex challenges. The market became unable to absorb new entrants and find jobs for them. The participants stressed that there is potential growth of the market and opportunities still exist and need to be properly approached and utilized.