Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Union holds workshops, one of them with participation of its Palestinian counterpart

The Union conducted four training workshops in different topics; one of them with participation of Palestinian Textile Workers Union.  The aim of the workshops was to raise awareness on labor rights for migrant workers in industrial zones. The workshops also explained the legal guarantees stipulated in the Jordanian Labor Law to protect migrant workers of all nationalities in the industrial ... Read More »

A national workshop entitled “Migrant Workers: Forgotten Rights”

The General Trade Union for workers in Textile, Garment and Clothing Industries had organised, in cooperation with ILO, a workshop at International Jerusalem Hotel during the period 7-9 Dec, 2015 entitled "Migrant Workers – Forgotten Rights". Forty female and male workers of five different nationalities; Sri Lankan, Bengali, Indian, Nepal and Pakistan participated. The workshop was inaugurated by the Union ... Read More »